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SHOP and SURF on Firmscor. C.E. Firmscor has granted a space on the site for veterans. Visit the Centro Trust tab.

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Click on    ^  Centro Trust button to go to Vets House Page.

Want to Shop On Line? Here are some of our favorite stores and businesses: Just click on any link.

Notice the "S" on the https in the browser. This is a secure Sharepoint website. Any problems email customer service with the details. 

Quality clothing for men and women from London


The link to Microsoft services, hardware, and, software










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Take a tour of is a storehouse of internet sites  containing information of interest to business people, consumers, websurfers, and, scholars; and, links (connections) to over 150 businesses, offices and stores.  The buttons above are passageways to areas on the site. Use your mouse to direct your cursor to the written part of the buttons above and left click to view any of the following areas of the site.You may also click on the underlined links below to go to its page.


Entry page in its second row of buttons has Site Map  an easy route to any page on the web site; also, click on Firmscor Tech for a quick 55-second course on touring Firmscor. Contact Us is the place where you may leave messages, make comments or ask questions.


Business has the sublinks of; ConstructionNew BusinessServicesGreen, and, Firmstor,  .


Shop has a lot of fine stores, including;  Clothes Plus, Technology, Household, Food, GiftsHealth,

     HolidayAutomotive, and, Budget Bargains.


Offices has businesses one usually finds in an office setting, it has; Entertain, Travel FinanceSocial Sites,

     Information, and, Games.


International has sublinks of United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, LatinOrient,and, Australia.


Knowledge has the sublinks of The Arts, and, Education.


Journal has the sublinks of;  Unidollar contains a theory on an American continental currency $1.00,00,Pittsburgh, PA,

     Archives, Think TankScholarly Notes, and, About Us.


Many people can be on the site at once so stay as long as you wish and return as often as you want. You are very welcome! The web site is similar to a shopping complex or mall. It is free and open to everyone.


Click on any of the buttons above to take a tour.


Firmscor welcomes your feedback. Email your questions, comments by clicking on the Contact Us button.  






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